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Press Release

Press Release

International Festival of Photography 

Białystok INTERPHOTO – 2021 edition

As a continuation of its predecessors, the Festival aims to consolidate the international platform for exchange of experiences and thoughts of artists from Eastern and Western Europe, enabling cross-border dialogue not only for artists and people interested in photography, but also for the general public. During the festival, which is going to last for more than a month, we would like to present you both professional artists who explore new areas of photography and media, and photography as a simple visual message which is available to everyone. We are hosting the famous artists from Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine; the directors of photography festivals, the jurors and the critics from Austria, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Philippines, Poland, Spain and Sweden. In the Grand Prix presentation, we will present the projects of artists from around the world, and 10 of them will take a part in the final exhibition. Two big corporate exhibitions are going to be organized with a cooperation with Art Museum in Olomouc / Czech Republic and the Latvian Museum of Photography in Riga.  


Within the confines of this year’s edition we have planned to present more than 200 artists, we invited for cooperation 12 curators, 14 jurors. There are going to be : 25 exhibitions, 4 film displays, Portfolio Review and the competitions: INTERPHOTO GRAND PRIX, Street Art, the show of the photos with live music, the scientific panel about Witkacy’ art, lectures, workshops, 30 meetings with the authors, an international stream press conference, solemn inauguration with an audience, the guests, the artists, the local authorities, the curators, the critics, the publishers; a picnic and a photographic walk. 


The main subject of the festival, regardless of an edition, is A BORDER, with all of the slogans belonging to it like Genius Loci or fields of individual experience (spiritual or experimental one).


The main topic of “Dichotomy. East and West “, will be based on a historical and visual analysis of the influence of Polish art on both the” East “and” West “.