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§ 1 General provisions

1.1 The regulations below define the conditions and terms of the participation in the Grand Prix INTERPHOTO 2019 Contest (hereafter referred to as Competition ).

1.2 The Organizer of the competition is the Forum Fotografii i Multimediów Association – the main organizer of the International Festival of Photography Bialystok INTERPHOTO 2019.

1.3 Participation in this competition is free.

1.4 The main aim of this Competition is to select the most interesting photographic projects that will be presented in the Grand Prix INTERPHOTO 2019 exhibition, as part of the International Festival of Photography INTERPHOTO 2019 taking place in Bialystok. In addition, the winner of the Competition, chosen from the selected projects, will be awarded a financial prize and an individual exhibition of a new photographic project during the next edition of International Photography Festival Bialystok INTERPHOTO 2021.


§ 2 Conditions for the participation in the Competition

2.1 The Competition is of open character. The Organiser invites all photographers to send projects.

2.2 There are no restrictions concerning the subject or technique. We would like to receive complete projects, which have already been finished or are in the process of being finished. Single photos will not be accepted. Each Participant is allowed to submit only one project.

2.3 There is no age limit of the Participants. The Participants who are younger than 18 years old must hold the permit in writing by their legal guardians.

2.4 By entering this Competition, all the Participants agree to receive information by e-mail from the Organiser (Newsletter).

2.5 By entering this Competition, all the Participants agree to the Organiser processing their personal data disclosed to the Organiser to the extent and purpose necessary for the organization of the Competition, in accordance with art. 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on protection personal data) (Journal of the EU L119 from 4.05.2016, page 1) (hereinafter: RODO). The data obtained by the website is protected and secured against access by unauthorized persons. You can always opt out of receiving messages from us or request your data to be deleted. the right to be forgotten. For this purpose, please contact us at the following e-mail address: kontakt@interphoto.pl.

2.6 Each Participant, whose project will be selected by the Organiser for the photo slideshow, gives consent to the presentation of his project in whole or in part at the INTERPHOTO 2019 Festival.

2.7 Each Participant, whose project will be chosen by the Jury for the final round of the Competition, gives consent to the presentation of his project in the Grand Prix INTERPHOTO 2019 exhibition and publication of the project in the catalogue accompanying the INTERPHOTO 2019 Festival.

2.8 Each Participant, whose project will be chosen by the Jury for the final round of the Competition, undertakes to cooperate with the Organiser INTERPHOTO 2019 exhibition, the photo slideshow at INTERPHOTO 2019 and, in particular, to make the digital files in satisfactory resolution available within the specified time limit, to enable in the organization of the Grand Prix the Organiser to produce the works. 

2.9 Projects printed by the Organiser from the digital files sent by the Finalists will be destroyed after the exhibition or will be sent by post at the request of the author with the transportation costs covered by him/her.


§ 3 The schedule of the competition

3.1 Announcing the competition: 27/05/2019.
3.2 The deadline for the applications: 02/08/2019 23:59:59.
3.3 Meeting of the jury and selection of the finalists: 12/08/2019.
3.4 Notification about the results of the selection process to 20/08/2019.
3.5 The finalists must sent the digital files to print for the post-competition exhibition to 01/09/2019.
3.6 The opening of the finalists’ exhibition and announcement of the winner of the Grand Prix INTERPHOTO 2019: 28/09/2019.
3.7 The review of the portfolios of the participants chosen in the Competition: 28/09/2019.
3.8 The Organizer reserves the right to make changes in the abovementioned schedule. All the information will be provided at www.interphoto.pl.


§ 4 Sending applications

4.1 If the applications sent are in violation of the terms and conditions of the Rules, they shall not be considered.

4.2 The closing date for application is 02/08/2019 at 23:59:59 Central European Time (CET). Applications submitted after this deadline will not be taken into consideration. 

4.3 Applications may only be submitted online (www.interphoto.pl) and must contain:
a) a completed application form in English, which can be found at www.interphoto.pl,
b) the collection of photographs (according to the guidelines given by the Organizer
at www.interphoto.pl) as one separate artistic project packaged inside a ZIP file named surname_name not bigger than 15 MB.

4.4 Only applications that satisfy these conditions will be taken into consideration; any materials sent in a non-electronic way (for example print copies, books, CD, DVD etc.) will not be sent back to the applicants.



5.1 The evaluation of the photos will be performed by the Jury appointed by the Organizers.

5.2 The detailed Jury makeup will be announced at the Organizer’s website www.interphoto.com and FB INTERPHOTO (The organizer also reserves the right to change the personal composition due to unusual circumstances).

5.3 Decisions of the Jury are final.


§ 6 The award

6.1 Based on the applications submitted, the Jury will select :

6.1.1 Ten finalists of the Competition. Projects of the Finalists will be presented in whole or in part at the Grand Prix INTERPHOTO 2019 exhibition within the framework of the INTERPHOTO 2019 International Festival of Photography in Bialystok and presented in the catalogue accompanying the Festival.

Within the framework of the exhibition’s organisation, the Organizer undertakes to, including but not limited to:
– cover the costs of production of the works being part of project
– install and dismount the exhibition and fulfill any further conditions necessary for the performance of the exhibition.

Provisions related to the organisation of the exhibition will be established between the Parties, the Organizer and the Finalists, in signed agreement, after the settlement of the Competition.

6.1.2 On the opening day of the exhibition, the Jury will select the winner of the INTERPHOTO 2019 Grand Prix out of the 10 finalists. He/she will receive a financial prize amounting to 15,000 PLN gross and a solo exhibition during the INTERPHOTO 2021 International Festival of Photography in Bialystok. The provisions concerning the organisation of the solo exhibition by the Organiser will be established between the parties, the Organizer and the Winner, in signed agreement, after the settlement of the Competition.

6.1.3 The projects of the Participants qualified for the photo slide show presented at INTERPHOTO 2019;

6.1.4 The Participants, who will be offered free participation in the portfolio review during the INTERPHOTO 2019 festival.

6.2 The Competition Organiser does not provide additional remuneration related to the organisation of the exhibition and the photo slide show.

6.3 The Organiser will provide accommodation for the finalists for two nights for 1 person (the Finalist) during the main festival weekend.

6.4 The entire revenue from the financial prize received during the competition (as referenced in point 6.1.2) is subject to taxation. The person liable for payment of the tax, which will be deducted from the gross sum of the prize, is the Organiser of the Competition.


§ 7 Copyrights and the use of works by the Organiser

7.1 All the property and non-property copyrights belong to the author of the project.

7.2 At the moment of the application for the Competition, the person submitting the project declares that he/she is it’s author, has full intellectual property of the project and that it is free from claims of third parties.

7.3 Each Participant, whose project will be chosen by the Jury for the exhibition or the slide show, hereby grants the Organizer a free of charge, non-exclusive, territorially unlimited, non-cancellable, disposed licence for 3 years to use the received project (in whole or in part chosen by the Organizer) for the promotion and realization of the Grand Prix INTERPHOTO 2019 and the INTERPHOTO 2019 festival in Bialystok, and, in particular, grants authorisation for public display , multiplication, placement on the market, screening, use in the press, television and the Internet, the catalogue of the INTERPHOTO 2019 Festival in Bialystok, in promotion publications of the next editions of the Festival on CD/DVD. 

7.4 from the expiry of a period of three years after the closure of Competition Białystok INTERPHOTO 2019 Projects awarded by exhibitions will be available on the Organizer’s website in low resolution in Festival Archive Bialystok INTERPHOTO.


§ 8 Responsibility

8.1 Every person applying for the participation in the Competition confirms that he/she will bear full responsibility for the content of the project. The Organiser shall not be liable for any content of the received projects and any damage caused by it.


§ 9 Final provisions

9.1 Any information and communication regarding the Competition will be published on www.interphoto.pl, in INTERPHOTO social media, in the paper and online press.

9.2 All correspondence and inquiries concerning the Competition shall be sent by e-mail to the address: kontakt@interphoto.pl.

9.3 The Organizer reserves the right to interrupt or prolong the Competition or to change its rules due to reasons beyond his control.

9.4 The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Competition and not to choose the winner without providing reasons. 

9.5 People who do not meet the requirements specified by the Regulations or who submit any false information will be automatically excluded from the Competition.

9.6 Submission of the application form for the event means the acceptance of all records of these Regulations.

9.7 Other matters not regulated in these Regulations shall be governed by the Polish law, including the Polish Civil Code.

9.8 Any disputes between the Participants and the Organizer shall be settled in court at the place of the Organizer’s head office.

9.9 These regulations have been prepared in Polish and English language versions.